Sunday, April 7, 2013

War-Weary Americans Would Support War with North Korea

April 6, 2013
War-Weary Americans Would Support War with North Korea

A recent Gallup Poll shows that 55 percent of American adults think the US should defend South Korea with US military forces if it’s attacked by North Korea, while only 34 percent said we shouldn’t. What’s more, only 28 percent of those polled think it’s likely that North Korea will directly attack the US in the next six months. That’s majority support for going to war 7,000 miles away in a region few Americans know much about against a country most Americans aren’t convinced is going to attack the US anytime soon.

This comes only a month after Gallup found that 88 percent of Americans ranked “preventing future acts of international terrorism” as a “very important” foreign policy goal, and that an astounding 99 percent believe Iran is a threat to vital US interests. As far as we can tell, that amounts to strong support for US military forces to be involved, if necessary, in a future confrontation with Iran.
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