Tuesday, April 2, 2013

S.Korea, U.S. to Keep Combined Forces Command

If this is true this is good news.  The Alliance should take the opportunity to demonstrate to north Korea that one of the pillars of its strategy-  to split the ROK/US Alliance - has failed and that the result of its nuclear and missile development is that the Alliance has been made stronger and the chances of north Korea ever achieving the correlation of forces it needs to execute its military campaign plan to unify the Peninsula under its domination are slim to none.

Now the next question (assuming the report below is true) is who will be in command of the ROK/US Combined Forces Command in 2015?


S.Korea, U.S. to Keep Combined Forces Command
Seoul and Washington have decided to keep the Combined Forces Command after full control of South Korean forces has been handed back to Seoul, and develop it into a bigger joint command structure to strengthen cooperation.

Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin briefed President Park Geun-hye on the plan on Monday.

The heads of the South Korean and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff are to outline the plan when they meet in Washington this month for annual consultations. The new command structure will then be officially adopted at the bilateral Security Consultative Meeting in October.

The CFC was originally to be dismantled when the U.S. hands back wartime operational control of South Korean troops to Seoul in 2015, but there were fears here that this could weaken South Korea's defenses. The change of heart comes amid increasingly belligerent rhetoric from North Korea.
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