Thursday, August 31, 2017

North Korea: Why do they want nukes? | In 60 seconds

Everyone should take sixty seconds and watch this video from Nick Eberstadt.  Please go to this link to watch the video.  There is more information packed into this video than you will read in all the newspapers and scholarly writing in the next week.  You will understand not only what they want nukes, how they conduct provocations, and why, the weakness of the alliance they seek to exploit and ultimately the design of regime's strategy for victory.  If we could understand what is presented in these 60 seconds we could devise a strategy to counter the regime's and achieve our strategic objectives.

August 28, 2017
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North Korea: Why do they want nukes? | In 60 seconds
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Throughout the Cold War, the United States and Russia stockpiled nuclear weapons as a deterrent to one another. Does North Korea have the same motive? AEI’s Nicholas Eberstadt argues that Kim Jong-un is making nukes with the intention to use them for a political checkmate.

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