Friday, April 19, 2013

Is Peninsula Moving to Dialogue Phase?

By Kim Tae Hong
[2013-04-19 00:37 ]  

With nearly two weeks having passed since North Korea moved a number of missiles mounted on TEL launch vehicles to its East Sea coast, it appears possible that the missiles won’t be launched after all. Meanwhile, some experts see North Korea now trying to find a way to end the ongoing conflict it created, one that started in earnest in December last year.

At the start of this month, while employing fiery rhetoric to heighten tensions with the U.S. and South Korea, North Korea positioned the missiles on its East Coast, in full view of reconnaissance satellites passing overhead. On or around April 10th, it is even believed that the missiles may have been fuelled. If so, the corrosive nature of the fuel would make it necessary to launch them before April 25th. 

Although that date is “Military Foundation Day” in North Korea, making a missile launch an attractive proposition for Pyongyang, there has been practically no vehicle movement this week, nor have the launchers been placed in the launch position. 

At the same time, some experts have been voicing the opinion that North Korea is on the lookout for an “exit strategy” by which to end the current tension. Much of this is based on the belief that North Korea’s threatening remarks have become more measured since South Korea and the U.S. moved to publicly invite talks over recent weeks. 
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