Sunday, November 29, 2020

Giving Tuesday Recommendations


Dear Friends, 

I do not normally do this (except I did this last year and for the last few years now, too) and I certainly do not mean to use my email distribution and news service for solicitation so please forgive me.   I was asked for recommendations of organizations to support so I thought I would share with you the organizations to whom I give.  I support six main causes: The Green Beret Foundation, The Small Wars Journal,  The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Spirit of America, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and the OSS Society (and I do also contribute to WAMU so I can get my daily dose of NPR as well as well as scholarship funds of various organisations of which I am an alum).  As we near the end of the year and since it is "Giving Tuesday" (on December 1st) and people are making decisions to give to worthy causes I thought I would share this with you.   Please give to your favorite organizations this year (despite the changes in the tax laws which may reduce the incentive for some to give).  If you need a suggestion for giving please consider Spirit of America, The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, The Green Beret Foundation,the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the OSS Society, and Small Wars Journal.

I would be remiss if I did not add the great organization to which I now belong, The Foundation for Defense of Democracy (a Washington-based nonpartisan research institute focusing on national security and foreign policy) which is a 501(c) research institute.  It has the best mission for a retired Special Forces soldier (and anyone interested in national security and foreign policy): "FDD conducts in-depth research, produces accurate and timely analyses, identifies illicit activities, and provides policy options – all with the aim of strengthening U.S. national security and reducing or eliminating threats posed by adversaries and enemies of the United States and other free nations."  

The Committee For Human Rights in North Korea:

Thursday, January 23, 2020

1/23/2020 Korean News and Commentary

Access Here:

1. U.S.-N. Korea diplomacy still possible in coming months: expert (Victor Cha)
2. N. Korea shows no sign of allowing S. Korean tourists
3. Seoul closely monitoring N. Korea's expected meeting of diplomats
4. Moon vows efforts for reunions of separated families in two Koreas
5. Another Korean sexual slavery victim dies, number of survivors at 19
6. North Korean hackers attacking laptops with Internet Explorer flaw: What to do
7. NSC members discuss follow-up measures to Hormuz troop dispatch decision: Cheong Wa Dae
8. EU urges N. Korea to stick to moratorium on nuclear, missile tests
9. (Netflix) Drama 'Crash Landing on You' accused of glamorizing North Korea

1/23/2020 National Security News and Commentary

1. Esper says 'no decisions' have been finalized on AFRICOM changes
2. How the State Dept. struggles to manage IT and workforce
3. AP Explains: Why US troop cuts in Africa would cause alarm
4. New U.S. law requires government to report risks of overseas activities by ex-spies
5. Iran Says Drone Used in Soleimani Strike Came From Kuwait
6. Digital freedom and DNA: Caution advised on the road ahead
7. A slippery slope: Will foreign companies start ditching American dual-use tech?
8. Presidential Military Service: The Service Gap and the Validation Surge
9. A New UN Cybercrime Treaty? The Way Forward for Supporters of an Open, Free, and Secure Internet
10. As Trump says injuries suffered by U.S. troops in Iranian attack are 'not very serious,' Pentagon offers few details
11. Challenging Snowden: Spycraft, Ethics, and Amendments
12. Marine Raiders led counterattack against al-Shabab militants at Manda Bay, Kenya
13. Army officer says she was raped, but Supreme Court ruling blocks her from justice

Thursday, October 24, 2019

10/24/2019 Korean News and Commentary

Access Here:

1. U.S., N. Korea could hold more working-level talks this year: think tank
2. The Cornerstone and the Linchpin: Securing America's Northeast Asian Alliances
3. FM says 'US asks too much in defense cost-sharing' (ROK/US Alliance)
4. S. Korea, Japan agree to mend frayed ties
5. Korea May Be Forced to Use Unconventional Stimulus For Economy Hit by Trade War
6. Elderly North Koreans increasingly turn to begging to survive

Part 2 10/23/2019 National Security News and Commentary

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1. As Secret Pentagon Spending Rises, Defense Firms Cash in
2. How Climate Change Will Help China And Russia Wage Hybrid War
3. Pentagon to Begin Testing 5G at Four Bases
4. On the "Gerasimov Doctrine": Why the West Fails to Beat Russia to the Punch
5. Review | Watching Jim Mattis's slow slide into irrelevance
6. Navy lieutenant, wife accused of conspiring to smuggle inflatable boats to China
7. U.S. Soldiers' War Crime Gets Hollywood Treatment (Movie Review)

Part 2 10/23/2019 Korean News and Commentary

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1. North Korea's Kim Jong Un and Trump have 'special' relationship: KCNA
2. Don't be surprised when South Korea wants nuclear weapons
3. NK to see how 'wisely' Washington acts through year-end deadline: official
4. Kurds and Koreans
5. Wife of ex-justice minister arrested after 2-month probe (South Korea)
6.  Korea, U.S. hold new round of defense cost-sharing talks in Honolulu
7. A solid alliance is key (ROK/US)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

10/23/2019 National Security News and Commentary

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1. Why it's so extraordinary that American generals are criticizing Trump now By Col. Jack Jacobs
2. US military struggles to find a strategy amid sudden policy changes in CENTCOM region
3.  #Reviewing Why America Loses Wars (Book Review)
4. Elephants and Mosquitos: Why Leaders’ Character Really Matters
5. National Security Perils of China’s Belt and Road Policy
6. China’s own “Great Delusion”
7.Lost in the Furor Over Syria: Alliances are a Means, not an End
8. Military Deception: AI’s Killer App?
9. China’s surveillance system: a warning for US 

10. Defense Secretary Esper to urge NATO to pay more to protect Saudi Arabia from Iran

Giving Tuesday Recommendations

  Dear Friends,  I do not normally do this (except I did this last year and for the last few years now, too) and I certainly do not mean to ...