Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pyongyang Marathon versus the Boston Marathon

Someone asked what the Kim Family Regime will do in response to the attack at the Boston Marathon.  Some speculate that this is problematic for the regime since it is knocking it from the headlines and others wonder if the north would try to take credit for the event.

I do not think we will see north Korea taking responsibility for this attack in Boston.  I think it knows that it would be dangerous to do so and perhaps if it really did conduct the attack (I am not even speculating that they might have) it would most likely be the one thing that would provoke a US unilateral attack on the regime despite the presence of north Korean nuclear weapons.

However, I am sure that the north Korean propagandists are busy putting together their next video that will be comparing the recent Pyongyang marathon with the Boston marathon to illustrate how dangerous it is to live in America versus how safe it is to be in Pyongyang.  And if the attack turns out to be domestic terrorism the north will really exploit that in its future propaganda with the narrative that the violence is evidence of a corrupt government against which its people are rebelling.  They will probably even say that America is facing regime collapse.

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