Wednesday, January 16, 2013

US in 'Intense Deliberations' about N. Korean Sanctions

I recall something about punishment being necessarily applied when the infraction occurs to be effective.  At least that is how I thought we were supposed to handle children who act out.  If we get any more sanctions it will likely be too little too late.  If we really wanted to punish the regime, we would make a concerted effort to enlist every country in which Department 39 is operating to shut down their operations and prevent the flow of luxury goods and hard currency back to the regime.  That would have a devastating effect on the regime and although it would not change the nature of the regime, it might force the regime to modify its behavior at least for a period of time (and it would likely have longer term 2d and 3d order effects on the regime).

US in 'Intense Deliberations' about N. Korean Sanctions

VOA News
January 16, 2013
A senior U.S. diplomat says Washington is pushing hard for tough international sanctions against North Korea following its successful long-range rocket launch last month.

Wednesday, Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell told reporters in Seoul that he anticipates formal steps by the United Nations Security Council in the immediate future.

"We are in the midst of really rather intense deliberations in New York in the Security Council led by our Ambassador Rice," he said. "We are in very close consultation with the South Korean government about those deliberations. I think we have their understanding about the way forward and I think you will see more developments in the days ahead."

Campbell, the top American envoy to Asia, also warned North Korea against taking any more "provocative" steps, amid speculation that Pyongyang is preparing to conduct a nuclear test.

"We are very clear in our position that provocative steps are to be discouraged," he said. "We are closely working with the key players, including South Korea, at the U.N. with respect to our diplomacy after the missile test late last year."

Recent satellite images show increased activity at a North Korea nuclear test site, raising fears it may follow up its December rocket launch with a nuclear test, as it did in 2006 and 2009.
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