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N. Korea's regime may undergo reform in 3-4 years: report

I would like to be optimistic but I do not read the tea leaves the same way.  That said I am absolutely willing to allow the the Kim Family Regime to the opportunity to demonstrate its willingness to allow north Korea to become a responsible member of the international community.  If I were to advise President-elect Park I would recommend as the starting point for her initiation of her "trust politick" policy to call for the implementation of the 1992 Agreement on Reconciliation and Non-aggression and Exchanges (ARNE).  The agreement has already been signed by both north and South so all that is required is full implementation.  This would provide the opportunity for the north's actions to speak louder than its words and determine its actual "flexibility."  If it would implement the agreement then we could be optimistic about possible reforms and if not we would have a clear indication of the regime's true intent.  And if the 1992 ARNE is not acceptable Madam Park could chose any other previously signed agreement and call for its implementation.  The ball is in the north's court but I am afraid that we will not see it ever live up to its agreements as long as the Kim Family Regime  remains in power.
N. Korea's regime may undergo reform in 3-4 years: report
2013-01-19 11:38
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   North Korea's regime led by young leader Kim Jong-un seems stable on the surface but it may go through drastic reforms within the next three to four years, a report showed Saturday.

   The new leader has created a visage of strength by spending his first year at the helm of the communist state consolidating his power, but skepticism still remains over whether he can lead the regime that is burdened by a broken economic system without major reform.

   "It seems that Kim Jong-un's regime is relatively stable on the surface, but it is not enough to judge its stability appropriately," the National Assembly Research Service said in a report. "There is a possibility of changes in its policy or politics in the next three to four years."

   Kim, due to his limited resources and lack of political experience, is exposed to the power struggles of the inner circle elites, the report said, noting that a military purge or political instability could cause a potential rift between these powerful and influential political players.

   The parliamentary research agency called for the incoming government to implement North Korea policies that take into consideration of the regime's flexibility.
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