Tuesday, January 29, 2013

N. Korean leader stresses importance of low-ranking party leaders

Is Kim Jong-un reading our discussions?  Is he conducting a counter-propaganda effort against a key target audience that we should be trying to influence?  Is he conducting counter-revolutionary organization as a preventative measure against what we should be doing  (as the late Jack McCuen teaches us organization and counter-organization is key in revolutionary warfare)?  These lower tier leaders will be important in the post-regime north Korea (and we have to be careful not to "de-Bathify" as we did in Iraq – these lower level party leaders will be critical in support of the 2d trier leaders that we need to coerce and co-opt.)  But Kim Jong-un's recognition of the importance of these leaders should be an indicator that should support our decision to execute PSYOP/MISO targeting them.

This also appears to be business as usual in a way.  When faced with hardship and difficulty the north Korean action is to focus on ideological training which hopefully will motivate them to "powerfully mobilize all service personnel and people to build a thriving country."

N. Korean leader stresses importance of low-ranking party leaders
2013-01-29 11:40
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   North Korean leader Kim Jong-un stressed the increased role of "the grass-roots organizations" of the country's all-powerful ruling party in a meeting of the lowest-ranking secretaries held a day earlier, a state-run news outlet said Tuesday.

   In his opening address given at the 4th Meeting of Secretaries of Cells of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), Kim said the gathering "is a significant meeting which was convened at the behest of (late) leader Kim Jong-il," the North's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said in an English-language dispatch.

   The late leader, who died in December 2011, wanted the party cell secretaries to have a bigger role and contribute more to the party, according to the report.

   Calling the party cells, the WPK's smallest organizations composed of 5-30 party members, "grass-roots organizations," the KCNA's report quoted Kim Jong-un as saying that "the current meeting will be an epochal turning point in increasing the party's capability in every way as required by the new era of the Juche revolution by decisively enhancing the function and role of the party cells."

   The WPK is "determined to make this meeting a decisive occasion of bringing about a great turn in the overall party work by ... radically improving and strengthening the work of the party cells," the KCNA dispatch also said.

   The latest meeting was the country's first convening of the party cell leaders in more than five years since the previous one held in October 2007 under the leadership of the late leader. The country first held the party cell meeting in 1994. It is also the first time that the communist country's top leader attended the gathering.

   In a separate dispatch, the KCNA said the meeting was held to discuss ways to increase the role of party cells and to "powerfully mobilize all service personnel and people to build a thriving country."
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