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Is There a New Gulag in North Korea?

Good to see the great work of Curtis Melvin recognized here. There is certainly no better open source imagery analyst than Curtis.

  • January 21, 2013, 5:54 PM
Is There a New Gulag in North Korea?
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By Evan Ramstad

NK Econ Earth
An image from Curtis Melvin’s Google Earth file shows the potentially new prison camp on the left (west) side of the far larger — and well-known — Camp 14.

Has North Korea built another gulag?

The possibility has been raised by the sharpest of the eagle-eyed students of satellite images and maps who look for changes in the closed-off country, Curtis Melvin, who detailed his findings this weekend on his blog.

First off, Mr. Melvin notes that his observation is completely speculative.

When Google Earth uploaded new images of North Korea on Friday, Mr. Melvin, who we first profiled in 2009, went through his normal practice of updating his file of places and sites.

The latest release of images on Google Earth included the prison camp that became internationally famous in the past year – Camp 14, which was the home of the only known defector to have been born in a prison camp, Shin Dong-hyuk. His story wasskillfully told by journalist Blaine Harden in the book “Escape From Camp 14” last year.

Next to one of the borders of Camp 14, Mr. Melvin found a new, uninterrupted line of fencing and traced it in a circle. It may be an addition to the existing camp, or a new camp, or a compound of a different nature that must somehow be closed off.
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