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Kim Jong-il’s final orders: Build more weapons

This is very interesting and really sheds more light on the regime in regards to its nuclear program, USFK, propaganda, China,military first, unification and more.  Must have been some good work by ROK intelligence to get this document (and I assume it has been thoroughly analyzed and found to be credible).  It does reinforce what must of us know about the regime.  Could it be disinformation?  Sure but again, it really does track with what we have known for a long time.

Here are a few comments from an exchange I had with some Korea Hands on this article:
Three of these orders are especially interesting for me:

o   No country wants a strong unified Korea; make sure USFK withdraws and major countries are neutral
o   Kim Sol-song (Kim Jong-il’s oldest daughter) is to be Kim Jong-un’s assistant; she will put money in overseas bank accounts for Kim Jong-un.
o   Keep the State Security Department and the Military Security Command apart; military-first ideology to the end
And another:

We have gotten some info that Kim Sol-song, wearing the KPA uniform of a major, worked in the OGD.  Now we know that she works the family money.  I agree that it is interesting to keep the two security agencies apart, but he always seemed to prefer competition, and not giving too much power to one man.  

A response:

The interesting thing is that he is making a major point of keeping two security agencies apart.
Also, the fact that his daughter will be hugely powerful - but behind the scenes - is quite interesting to me.
Kim Jong-il’s final orders: Build more weapons
北김정일 유훈 첫 확인, "南, 군사적으로 제압한 후…"

Jan 30,2013

Former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il ordered his youngest son to continue to develop not only his nuclear arsenal, but also long-range missiles and even biochemical weapons, in his last instructions before he died. 

“Recently, the government obtained the entire contents of the final instructions of Kim Jong-il, which he left two months before he died,” a South Korean government official told the JoongAng Ilbo yesterday.

“We found some comments were consistent with current affairs in North Korea, such as the nuclear weapons program, missile launches and its demand to remove U.S. troops from the South.” 

Pyongyang reportedly considers the instructions from the two former leaders, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong-il, as the final word in their policy-making, overruling even the Constitution. 

Last April, the Korea JoongAng Daily reported on the partial contents of a note that was allegedly sent from Kim Jong-il to his sister on Oct. 17, 2011 and obtained by a North Korean defector in the South.

“Although some North Korean defectors and civic activists revealed instructions that were smuggled in from China, we need a verification process to confirm its authenticity,” a source familiar with foreign and national security affairs said. 

“We shared the information with officials in other ministries and confirm the recent affairs in North Korea are consistent with the instructions.” 

The final instructions, reportedly delivered on Oct. 8, 2011, include 44 specific orders. When it comes to the regime’s defiant nuclear test and missile capabilities, Kim said, “Keep in mind that the way to maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula is to endlessly develop nuclear, long-range missiles and biochemical weapons and possess a sufficient number of them. Don’t ever be caught off guard.” 
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