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The secret item found in every North Korean home

Received from another Korean expert (I have a number of mentors on Korea) in response to the article and my comments below.
Targeting the minds of North Koreans will be, in the end, the most effective force, kinetic or non-kinetic, in establishing a base for intellectual resistance to the Kim Family Regime.  Transitioning that intellectual resistance to physical force is another thing under the current conditions of complete dominance of the tools of force by the regime.  But without the willingness to believe in values and beliefs counter to the regime, willingness to act is impossible.  The more counter-regime psyop the better.  This calls for ingenuity and one has to believe that the boys at Ft. Bragg can do it.  Now we just need the policy makers to give the go ahead.  Perhaps some of those visiting B2's can drop radios instead of ordnance...just kidding…not
I would just add this.   I would not necessarily use direct counter propaganda but instead try to show that Juche has corrupted true Korean culture and that in the end the north and South Koreans are more alike than different and that their true Korean culture that has been suppressed does allow them to have the values and beliefs that will allow for unification. Totally rejecting everything the population in the north has experienced may be more psychologically damaging and may lead to more resistance in the long run.   We cannot even vilify the Kim Family too much at first.  We do not want to undercut the individual's identity too much, too fast (and in actuality we need to help individuals reclaim their individuality).  Too many individuals are still likely to have a belief in the system thinking about the good old days when Kim Il-Sung was alive.  (Note when I use "we" I mean the ROK/US Alliance with the ROK in the lead with US support.)

Orignal Comments:  

Another indicator of why we should and can develop and execute an effective ROK/US Alliance influence campaign (PSYOP/MISO) to target the north Korean population (and one that should also target the second tier leadership as well).  The comprehensive plan is necessary now to achieve the effects at the unknown time in the future when we will need those effects to have been achieved.  We cannot wait to execute PSYOP after the crisis occurs.

The secret item found in every North Korean home

‘South Korean’ at home, ‘North Korean’ outside the home

Many North Korean families keep a secret item at home, whose discovery may lead to harsh punishment. Away from prying eyes and in the privacy of their homes, North Koreans enjoy using items forbidden by the state, according to North Koreans recently escaped from the country.
“In every North Korean home, there is at least one secret item” says Jung Young-chul* (age 34), who escaped from North Korea in 2012. He had a short-wave radio in the house and the family would secretly listen to South Korean broadcasts. To avoid being caught, they kept the radio hidden under a container for keeping rice.

They were not the only ones with a hidden radio. Jung continues, “Once, a friend described a story that I had heard the night before while listening to a South Korean broadcast. I brought it up with him one night in drink, and he confided that his family too had a radio. We laughed about it together.”

Kim Hee-young is from Chongjin and also escaped from North Korea in 2012. She tells us, “We secretly traded South Korean TV shows in the markets and they always went very quickly. We ran out of stock on most days.” She added how outside the home, North Koreans would dutifully obey the cultural restrictions enforced by the state. Yet at home, Hee-young describes how everything is different: “Where I lived, I would guess that almost every family owned a South Korean TV show. You can’t borrow what you want to watch if you don’t have something to trade it for, so everyone liked to keep at least one show at home.”
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