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NightWatch For the night of 8 March 2013: north Korea, China, Hamas, Egypt

The concept that the north Korean statements below are describing is one of "creeping normalcy."  This has worked for the Regime for the last 60 years as the north has repositioned its forces with some 70% forward deployed (if I recall correctly) with no significant response from the Alliance and worse nearly every intelligence indication and warning of a pending attack has been identified over the years and since they have not attacked they have changed the definition for the Alliance of what is normal from a north Korean perspective.  It worked for the conventional military and they clearly intend to use the same concept for the nuclear and missile programs.  It is necessary to listen to their propaganda and rhetoric because often times they do reveal their true intentions.

China's statements n north Korea and the UN resolutions  are probably what we have come to expect.  They are walking the line.

The second warning from Hamas regarding President Obama's visit to the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem is interpreted by Mr. McCreary as much more "shrill."

In Port Said in Egypt the police have turned over security to the army apparently because the people have more respect for the army than the police.

NightWatch Graphic
For the night of 8 March 2013
North Korea: Update. The Korean Central News Agency published in English a Foreign Ministry statement denouncing the United Nations as acting on behalf of the United States in "cooking up" a new sanctions resolution.
Comment: The statement denounced the US and the UN, but did not mention China. It concluded with one noteworthy sentence. "The world will clearly see what permanent position the DPRK will reinforce as a nuclear weapons state and satellite launcher as a result of the U.S. attitude of prodding the UNSC into cooking up the 'resolution.'"
At least one additional North Korean media outlet published an item that referred to demonstrating that the North has permanent nuclear and satellite capabilities. Something is wrong with the translation, or perhaps the concept. However, the message seems to be that the North intends to make launches and tests sufficiently often so that other nations will get used to them as normal.
This is entirely separate from the consequences of terminating the Armistice, but is a key part of the new strategic situation that is emerging in northeast Asia.
China-North Korea: Much of the daily press conference at the Foreign Ministry on 8 March was devoted to responding to press questions concerning North Korean behavior in general and its reaction to the UN Security Council Resolution 2094 that imposes a new set of sanctions on North Korea.
The spokesman said China has normal-state-to-state relations with North Korea. The situation is very complicated and sensitive.
He also said, "It is in the common interest of the international community to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula and in Northeast Asia at large. The Chinese side asks the parties concerned to remain calm, exercise restraint, and avoid making further moves that could lead to an escalating situation. We call on all sides to maintain dialogue and consultations, resolve the issue of denuclearizing the peninsula within the framework of the Six-Party Talks, and explore an effective way to fundamentally achieve lasting peace and stability on the peninsula and in Northeast Asia at large."
Comment: The spokesman repeated China's prior positions. When asked whether China will enforce the sanctions, he said that China would comply with international law.

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