Friday, March 15, 2013

Movie: North Korea takes D.C.

I guess it is official, north Korea is the new official Hollywood bad guy.  I sure hope Kim Jong-un is happy with the recognition. Maybe now he will calm down since he has reached such stature.

Movie: North Korea takes D.C.
The new action movie “Olympus Has Fallen” might make Washingtonians a little uncomfortable.
The film presents in vivid detail Washington — and the White House, in particular — being taken over by a North Korean paramilitary group. Citizens walking up Pennsylvania Avenue are gunned down by warplanes. The White House’s north gate is blown up, leading to a gunfight that takes out almost every Secret Service agent. The hallways, rooms and historical artifacts of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., are destroyed in an orgy of gun spray and grenades. Even the Washington Monument gets toppled.
The set, built in Shreveport, La., is as realistic a portrayal of Washington as Hollywood has ever produced, and so it’s understandable filmgoers might leave the theater looking at their city somewhat differently.

“I gotta be honest: We were both nervous [Tuesday night] when we screened it to this packed house, full of Washington politicos and journalists,” actor Gerard Butler told POLITICO. “There were Secret Service there, everybody involved in every walk of life was there. And when the action started, I was like ugh …But they loved it!”

Butler plays Secret Service agent Mike Banning and says the decision to realistically portray a terrorist takeover of the White House is essential to the film’s power.

“Things get ugly,” he said, adding terrorists “don’t discriminate. So we wanted to actually show it as it is and make it as powerful and visceral an experience as possible because … it allows, in a way, a greater space for heroism to come through, because the darker the hour, the more that pulls out of us.”
Butler says, despite the film’s destruction laid at the hand’s of the People’s House, they’re working on getting a screening shown at the White House. Director Antoine Fuqua says they haven’t gotten any reaction yet from the White House to the film, but assures politicos that “we actually love Washington.”

“We put so much energy into that because me and Gerard were sitting around saying, if the White House isn’t the White House, the movie’s over. If it doesn’t look real, they’re going to check out.”

Actor Aaron Eckhart, who plays the president, says the White House as a shooting location gives the film an extra dimension of intrigue.
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