Sunday, October 11, 2015

Special Forces | Rare U.S. Army Green Beret Film

This is from the early 1960's and Henry Fonda is the moderator.  After you get past the somewhat hokey music and recreations of events, I think this is interesting from a couple of perspectives.  First is that this was a film made not only for the Army but to inform the American people as it says in the opening remarks.  Second, is the description of the global strategic situation at that time.  It is an interesting comparison to the world today.   I use the first 6:25 minutes in my class on unconventional warfare and special operations for policy makers and strategists.


Published on Feb 25, 2014
SPECIAL FORCES - US ARMY DOCUMENTARY - Distinguished motion picture, stage, and television star, Mr. Henry Fonda, is the host-narrator for this issue of THE BIG PICTURE - which turns its attention to the soldiers of the Special Forces. From the rigorous, demanding training at the Special Warfare Center, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to an exciting Special Forces Training Mission high in the Bavarian Alps, THE BIG PICTURE 

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