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NightWatch For the night of 17 February 2013: South Korea, north Korea, China, Pakistan

Interesting admission by President Lee regarding Kim Jong-il asking for a summit.  We have heard this rumor previously.  But in regards to his commentary Kim Jong-un's style is different than his father's but in many ways he appears to be trying to emulate his grandfather.  Regardless of style, the Kim Family Regime's 60 year old playbook continues to provide  the course the Kim Jong-un is charting.

Allegedly the north has informed China of further tests.  This is probably what the north is going to try to negotiate away.  They will stop now in return for political and economic concessions.  


For the night of 17 February 2013

South Korea-North Korea: Outgoing President Lee told the press that in late 2009 Kim Chong-il requested a third summit between the leaders of North and South Korea without conditions, such as demands for food grains. The invitation was transmitted through Chinese Premier Wen Jia-bao and some discussions were held in Singapore.

South Korea was prepared to accept and began discussing views about the venue. North Korea wanted it in Pyongyang. The talks broke down when the North demanded compensation for holding the summit.

Comment: The reasons Kim Chong-il wanted a summit remain unknown. However, President Lee's description of Kim Chong-il's invitation and the exchange via the Chinese is vintage Kim Chong-il. His tactic was always to re-negotiate the terms after a deal was accepted in principle to determine whether better terms could be obtained. Kim Jung Un's style is entirely different.

North Korea-China: According to an unidentified source who spoke withReuters, North Korea has informed China that it will conduct additional nuclear tests and missile launches this year. Preparations for a fourth nuclear test are said to be completed already.

The source said the tests will be conducted unless the US agrees to talks about signing a final peace treaty and abandons its plans to overthrow the North Korean regime.

Comment: North Korea prepared two tunnels for use in testing prior to the 12 February detonation. It used one on the 12th. That provides some prima facie support for the information provided by the source.

The bluntness of the new leadership's style is apparent in the message.
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