Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cracks seen in US diplomacy towards North Korea

Yes, we need a coherent policy and a strategy.  The two Presidents gave us the vision with the Alliance strategic end state specified in June 2009.  I have yet to see a coherent US, ROK, or more importantly an Alliance strategy developed and executed to achieve that end state.  Without a strategy there are sure to be cracks in the diplomacy because in effect when it comes to dealing with north Korea we are the Little Dutch boy just putting fingers in holes in the dike.

Cracks seen in US diplomacy towards North Korea

Sat Feb 9, 2013 4:1PM GMT

Joseph Kim, Press TV, Seoul

Experts in the United States and South Korea agree that Washington’s current policy toward Pyongyang must move in a new direction. North Korea has recently threatened to strengthen its nuclear deterrence against the U-S which some fear may produce a domino effect, creating a nuclear-arms race in Northeast Asia.

A bill banning food aid to North Korea is expected to pass in the United States Congress this year. Washington has already come under fire for using humanitarian assistance to influence negotiations and political decisions last year, when the bill was first introduced. The U.S. and North Korea ceased dialogue back in 2009 following Pyongyang’s attempt to launch a satellite. Tension between the two countries increased after North Korea’s recent satellite launch and indications of a looming third nuclear test. U.S. officials claim North Korea is becoming a nuclear threat. However, U.S.-based scientists say that’s a worst-case scenario.

At a security forum hosted jointly by one of South Korea’s largest news agencies and Stanford University earlier this week, experts criticized Washington’s current approach to Pyongyang; including a former U.S. defense chief. 

Domestic analysts agree, arguing North Korea’s nuclear program has been a method of dialogue historically. 

The analyst added that it is problematic that the United States and South Korea are holding North Korea’s actions solely responsible for the failure of a resumption of dialogue. 
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