Saturday, February 2, 2013

Special Forces Detachment Korea - "DET-K The First 50 Years"

This is an informal and unofficial history of the longest continuously serving Special Forces unit in Asia assembled and self published by those who have served in the unit.  I would also say that this unit has the longest history of providing advice and assistance to indigenous forces as this very small organization has been advising and assisting 7 Korean Special Forces Brigades, one special mission battalion and ROK Navy SEALs for 50+ years.  I really think this is an organization (like DET-A in Berlin and 46th Company in Thailand and DT-T in Taiwan) that should be considered for replication in the future.

Unfortunately the book is only available to past and present members.  However, you can view 34 pages of the book at this link on the Special Forces Association Chapter XIII (The General Robert C. Kingston Chapter) web site:  (Click on the book icon link on the left side of the page).

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