Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spy agency transferred N.K. intelligence to U.S.: WikiLeaks

What would really be news would be if the intelligence was not shared between two allies.  As the "private experts" state in the article this is nothing out of the ordinary and it would be extraordinary not to have shared this information.  But anything to do with intelligence and wikileaks must be news.  

Spy agency transferred N.K. intelligence to U.S.: WikiLeaks
Published: 2013-07-13 15:05
Updated: 2013-07-13 15:05

South Korea's spy agency transferred large amounts of intelligence on North Korea to the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, an on-line whistle blower site claimed Saturday.

WikiLeaks said based on reports sent by the U.S. embassy in Seoul to the State Department dated July 9, 2007 that the South's National Intelligence Service handed over data collected through interviews with around 9,000 North Korean defectors. 

The flow of information started in 1997 and ran through 2007 with NIS agents transferring intelligence they acquired on a regular basis to DIA agents in the country.

It said information provided touched on the integrity of the North Korean regime, possibility of its collapse, human rights abuses and other materials that could be used to prepare for emergency situations.

WikiLeaks added that included in the data sent to the U.S. agency that primarily handles military intelligence were views expressed by ordinary people of failed reform programs and how North Koreans obtain information about South Korean society.

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