Monday, July 29, 2013

Backpack Bombers a Propaganda Tale (north Korea)

For those who missed the video I sent yesterday here is the photo with what looks like an nKPA attempt to show us they have some kind of atomic demolition munitions (ADM) or "backpack nukes."  I am sure they are saying in Korea something like "be afraid, be really afraid." And instead we are saying do you really think we could take such a photo seriously?  As someone said on one of the blogs, they probably painted the radiation symbol over some hello kitty backpacks they stole from Japan.

Backpack Bombers a Propaganda Tale

By Lee Sang Yong
[2013-07-29 17:40 ]  
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▲ "Backpack bombers" made an appearance during the July 27th military parade. (ⓒChosun Central Television capture)

A unit of North Korean soldiers carrying what appeared to be representations of "nuclear backpacks" (a variation on the "briefcase bomb" concept) appeared during a military parade held on Saturday as part of North Korea’s commemoration of its “victory” in the Korean War.

However, it is thought unlikely that North Korea has the technical capacity to produce such a high-tech nuclear device. 

A spokesperson for the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, Kim Min Seok told a regular briefing on the morning of the 29th, “Nuclear backpacks are an extremely small type of nuclear weapon; you need very advanced skills in order to miniaturize like that," before noting, "Experts do not believe that North Korea has reached the ability to manufacture these backpacks.”
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