Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Georgetown Security Studies Review 3:1 !3

The new issue of the Georgetown Security Studies Review has just been posted on line.

The Table of Contents is below.

This is the link to the GSSR main web site with other features:  http://georgetownsecuritystudiesreview.org/

Georgetown Security Studies Review 3:1 !3

North Korea, ASEAN, and Denuclearization 4
Martin J. Cool
This paper explores the history of relations between North Korea and Southeast Asian nations
then seeks to find a synthesis between ASEAN’s preference for engagement and the United
States’ policy of isolation given the unique problem set that North Korean denuclearization

Shifting Opinions: Israel & the International Community 20
Michael Donovan
American and international opinions are shifting away from unconditionally backing Israel.
Perception of the conflict is evolving in terms of international legal norms, human rights, and the
morality of foreign occupation. This article explores that shift and outlines an opportunity for
American policymakers to harness this change of opinion, and perhaps bring Israeli
policymakers to the negotiating table.

Technology Domain Awareness: Building the Defense Innovation Base 33
Adam Jay Harrison, Jawad Rachami, & Christopher Zember
This article outlines the innovation imperative facing the U.S. Department of Defense and details
current and future plans pursued by the DOD Information Analysis Centers to develop a defense
innovation operating system that sustains the United States’ military-technology edge in the face
of persistent operational, technological, and fiscal volatility and uncertainty.

The Resilience of Profit-seeking Illicit Networks: The Case of the Arellano-
Félix Organization 49
Barbara Cedillo Lopez
It is important to understand why some profit seeking illicit networks have chosen to evade, coopt,
or confront government forces; and why the states choose to target some illicit networks
through repression, while they tolerate and even colluded with others. This paper presents a
typology of resilience for illicit networks, and uses an historical case study to test this typology.
Moroccan Jihadism in Europe: A Quantitative Analysis of Migration and

Terror Plots by Individuals of Moroccan Origin in Western Europe 71
Jeffrey D. Palmer
This essay provides an analysis of the quantitative properties of Moroccan migration patterns and
incidents of jihadist terrorism, whether disrupted, failed, or executed, by individuals of Moroccan
origin (i.e. first- and second-generation migrants) in Western Europe from 2001 to 2013.

The Sino-American Airpower Competition: A Net Assessment 82
James Nolan
This article seeks to determine where the U.S. stands vis-à-vis China’s airpower capabilities over
the next 15 to 20 years. It employs the net assessment framework, drawing from open source
data and existing literature currently available on both militaries. This analysis concludes the
United States will continue to hold an advantage in the air for the next 15 to 20 years.

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