Saturday, March 3, 2018

North Korea's Nuclear Talks with South Korea US Combined Training Prospects

I did a Voice of America talk show yesterday with Frank Jannuzi for broadcast into north Korea (and it is shown in South Korea as well). (It is in English with Korean subtitles).

I think the title should be North Korea's Nuclear Talks with South Korea US Combined Training Prospects.  I think this went from English to Korean and back to English.

The 20 minute video can be viewed here.

Washington tackles a weekly analysis of North Korean hot issues with Washington experts. This week, we will evaluate the role of Korea as a "dialogue partner" between the US and North Korea on the occasion of the PyeongChang Olympics, and look at the implications of the US union training, which is expected to resume next month. Progress: Jo Eun Jung. Daring: Frank Jannuzi (President of Mansfield Foundation), David Maxwell (ICAS Senior Researcher, Korea Institute for National Unification)

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