Wednesday, March 28, 2018

ICAS Event on C-SPAN: U.S.-North Korea Talks

This event for the Institute of Corean American Studies took place yesterday on Capitol Hill.  Dr. Taro O and I had to do an impromptu talk in place of the Honorable Mary Beth Long who could not make it at the last minute.  My remarks are first followed by Dr. O and the William Brown and Larry Niksch.  

Edward Luttwak followed with a talk (at the 1 hour mark) on how unprepared is the ROK government and military based on his four visits to the Peninsula since Jimmy Carter was President.  I have never heard such a disrespectful presentation that was extremely insulting to not only our allies but also to every US commander in Korea since Jimmy Carter.  Needless to say I was incredulous when I heard his presentation.

Last to speak is Tong Kim (at the 2:04 mark).  He is a career State Department translator who has spent decades translating for our senior most US officials to include our Presidents in north and South Korea.  He accompanied Secretary Albright to north Korea, among other trips to Pyongyang.  He has met more senior north Korean officials than any American.

U.S.-North Korea Talks A group Korean Peninsula analysts shared their views and insights on the strategies President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un can bring to their meeting scheduled for later in the spring. The panelists also gave a historic perspective of previous U.S.-North Korean talks and what some of the drawbacks can be when negotiating with the North Korean regime. close 


  • William BrownFellowInstitute for Corean-American Studies
  • Sang Joo KimSenior Fellow & Executive V.P.Institute for Corean-American Studies
  • Synja KimPresidentInstitute for Corean-American Studies
  • Tong KimFellowInstitute for Corean-American Studies
  • Edward N. LuttwakConsultantDepartment of Defense->Office of Net Assessment
  • David S. MaxwellFellowInstitute for Corean-American Studies
  • Larry A. NikschFellowInstitute for Corean-American Studies
  • Tara OSpecialistCenter for Strategic and International Studies->Pacific Forum Asia Policy
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