Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NIS: Kim Aims to Unify by Force

Again, this idea of reunification by force should not be a surprise though the statement by the NIS chief with a time estimate attached is unusual.

1. north Korean vital national interest:  Survival of the Kim Family Regime.
(Key to survival and key negotiating tool – nuclear weapons)
2. Strategic Aim: Unification of the peninsula under the Kim Family Regime (in order to ensure survival of the KFR)
3. Condition necessary for achieving the strategic aim: US forces off the peninsula (e.g., Split the ROK/US Alliance)

Foundational strategy:  Conduct provocations to gain political and economic concessions to ensure near term survival and contribute to splitting the ROK/US Alliance to support long term objectives.

NIS: Kim Aims to Unify by Force

By Lee Sang Yong
[2013-10-09 15:33 ]
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Kim Jong Eun aims to “unify the two Koreas by force within the next three years,” South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) revealed yesterday.

The remarks were made by NIS chief Nam Jae Joon at a National Assembly intelligence committee, according to Saenuri Party lawmaker and committee member Cho Won Jin.

It was also claimed that, "More than 44% of North Korea’s military corps commanders have been replaced."

Nam believes North Korea is showing signs it is preparing to engage in provocations by stationing 122-mm long range multi-barreled artillery in Gangwon Province. Rapid-fire rockets may have also been stationed in Paekryung Island in the West Sea, within range of Seoul and the five Northwest Islands.

According to Nam, the North has reopened its nuclear facilities at Yongbyon in a bid to ensure its plutonium and enriched uranium capabilities, and long-distance missiles are being developed at a base in Dongchang-ri, North Pyongan Province.

"North Korea is expending great effort in idolizing Kim Jong Eun to ensure the security of his rule. A grave site has been made for Ko Yong Hui, the third wife of Kim Jong Il (and mother of Kim Jong Eun). North Koreans are being forced to pay respects to her there,” Nam went on.

In regards to the disappearance of Ri Sol Ju from the public eye and the alleged execution of a group of musicians, Nam said, "We have no information on Ri Sol Ju, but we are aware that ten members of the music group have been punished.”
(Article is from the Daily NK at this link:

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