Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ICAS Spring Symposium - The Korean Peninsula Issues** and US National Security

                                                ICAS Liberty Foundation                                                                                                                

ICAS Spring Symposium

Humanity, Liberty, Peace and Security

The Korean Peninsula Issues**
and US National Security

May  10  2013   Friday  1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Rayburn Office Building Room B318
United States House of Representatives
             Capitol Hill  Washington DC 20515            

Chair       :             Synja P Kim     (ICAS  Fellow, President and Chairman) 
Moderator:                 Sang Joo Kim    (ICAS  Sr Fellow & Executive Vice President)                                 


Joseph Bosco      (National security consultant; Senior Associate CSIS; former OSD official, Pentagon)
                           China's Role in the Korean Peninsula Issues

Steven Bucci        (Director, Douglas & Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, Heritage Found) 
                           The East Asian Security Environment and US Foreign Policy

Robert R. King    (Ambassador & Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights Issues, US State Dept)
                           North Korea's Human Rights Issues


David Maxwell           (ICAS Fellow; Associate Director, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University)
Larry Niksch           (ICAS Fellow; Senior Associate, CSIS)
(list in formation)

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     *as a public service pro bono publico   
  **ICAS designates this educational activity for continuing education/professional development for a                 maximum of 3:00 hours credit commensurate with the extent of actual participation. 

       ICAS is not an agent of any government and/or a foreign principal, and solely supported by voluntary                     contributions.        
       ICAS is the "Go-to-Place" of the first order for American affairs, Korean affairs, Korean-American                               affairs, and international/Washington relations.
     1.7 million Korean-Americans reside in the USA. (Census 2010)

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