Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Army Special Operations Forces 2022 in just released Special Warfare Magazine

Given the release of the SOCOM Operating Concept today, attached is the recently released Special Warfare Magazine that includes the US Army Special Operations Command 2022 Vision.  It begins on page 17 of the magazine.  This provides a very comprehensive overview of the force that is more than 50% of the USSOCOM force and the only force that conducts the full range of the Title 10 Special Operations core activities.  It provides a useful description of those activities in terms of the two ARSOF foundational concepts of Special Warfare and Surgical Strike.  This is well worth reading for a better understanding of what modern Army Special Operations does and will do in the future.  LTG Cleveland's introduction is below.  As he says this vision covers SOF Operational Art, The Human Domain, the 7th Warfighting Function, Special Warfare and Surgical Strike and more.  It can be downloaded at this link:

or from my Dropbox link: http://db.tt/WyXj23oL


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