Thursday, November 7, 2013

North Korea says SKorean spy arrested in capital

I sure wish there was an unconventional warfare campaign being waged against north Korea.  I am afraid that this "arrest" may be just part of the propaganda to counter the calls for the 6 party talks by the Chinese and demands for the north to demonstrate good faith.  The regime wants to portray that the ROK and US are the threats and aggressors so that it can be the victim and force others to make concessions.

I also think that this shows the fear that the north has of religion.  The religious missionaries, particularly the Christian organization can preach a "revolutionary" ideology.  I think it is also important to recognize the importance that religion could plan after regime collapse when the people's ideological foundation from Juche will crumble.  Religion can be very important in the people developing a new sense of identity and help to undo the 60 years of indoctrination.  They will need a belief in a power higher than the Great and Dear leaders.

However, if this person did spend six years in a neighboring country conducting operations to develop internal resistance I think this illustrates the time commitment that is required to conduct unconventional warfare in a place like north Korea.  It is worth doing in my opinion but it will take a long term commitment.

North Korea says SKorean spy arrested in capital

AP / November 7, 2013
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea’s security agency said Thursday it arrested a South Korean spy in Pyongyang who intended to rally anti-government forces, a claim that intelligence officials in Seoul quickly called ridiculous and groundless.
Pyongyang regularly accuses Seoul and Washington of working to sabotage its secretive, authoritarian system — statements that outside analysts see as a way to strengthen domestic support for leader Kim Jong Un — but specific claims that an individual spy has been captured, especially before an investigation is concluded, are unusual.
The few details in the statement by an unidentified spokesman for the North’s state security ministry couldn’t be independently verified. North Korea said the South Korean man confessed to illegally entering the country, but there was no statement from him and there were no details about his condition or legal representation.
The North Korean security ministry said that the South Korean initially said he was a Chinese citizen living in North Korea and then a citizen of another country.
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